FEF is creating South Florida's first compost map! If you compost in any way and live in the area, then we'd love to put you on the map!
Individual name, organization or farm you'd like listed on the map: (e.g. Jane's Compost, Family Farm, Fertile Earth etc.)


Street address, City, State, Zip
The listing is for a

Name of contact person for map:

Is it ok to include your email address under contact information on the map?

If you'd like a website connected to your listing, this is the spot for it...

How do you make compost?

Would you like additional composting materials?

If you are interested in food scraps drop-offs please include any additional contact info and instructions below.

This will go in a "Notes/Instructions" section. Just skip if drop-offs are not for you :)
Thanks for being a part of the map and showing your compost love! Any lingering thoughts or suggestions you'd like to share with us?

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